Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Go Hawks!!!

My friend Deb took me to a Winterhawks game.
She has season tickets and her sister couldn't go, so I got to tag along!
Great seats. Really great seats, right behind the bench.

Whoever was in this mascot suit earned his keep.
He was BUSY!!!

I liked the shot of the two players talking.

The Hawks were playing a bit 'off' last night.
With around 3 minutes left in the game the other team scored,
leaving the score 3 - 1, with the Hawks down.
In face, the couple next to us left at that point.
We continued to hope.
Well, the Hawks scored twice in the remaining minutes: OT!
And we WON!
Here a little guy waits to have his picture taken with the 3 top players of the game.
One of the players didn't realize they were going to call him, they had to find him, and when he came out he'd already taken off his jersey. I think he was exhausted and was ready to go, LOL!
Pouliot is the player whose broken hockey stick another friend gave me.
So you so know I was going to take his picture.
It was a fun (thought scary) game, and I enjoyed hanging with Deb.

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