Thursday, April 24, 2014

Art happens!

Mark and I went to a volunteer party for RMH volunteers.
It was at Oaks Park. A bit dreary at this time of year, 
and I sure wouldn't ride any of the rides. 

I couldn't resist.....

When we got there they had drinks, food, and painting.
What a great idea!

Beer and painting.
An idea whose time has come.

My beer kept a close eye on my progress.


Ghost bird.

Ghost bird and some flowers.

Mark had so much fun hanging out with the gals at our table.
They volunteer at the other RMH, so I didn't know them.
It was fun getting to know them. They were a riot!

My bird was a bit more solid than I planned.
I would actually like to give it another go.
I think I will try this at home. Fun!

I walked around the room and checked out the artwork.
It was great seeing all the different takes. Loved it!

Yes Cari: Dad had to put a squirrel on his picture.

I loved the atmosphere of the room.
It was a great place to have the party.

Isn't this a great seat?

Mark looks grumpy, but he wasn't. Trust me.

Painting was fun. Can't wait to do it again!

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