Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Birthday doings

This last weekend my friends Janet and Erin and I took off for Bend to celebrate our friend Karissa's birthday. This is a picture of Erin: I'm not sure why I don't have one single picture of Karissa!!
This is a picture from when we stopped for breakfast on our way to Bend.
I had biscuits and gravy. Oh my, it was good.

We stopped at a rest stop and this sign got our attention.
No dogs baby! Not even one better get out of that car!

I saw this idea at a gift shop in Sisters (we stopped there on our way home).
I love it for Relay, perhaps a treasure chest to fit our theme?

A treasure chest filled with rocks with sayings on them.
Need to look into this....

Amazing drive home. We took the scenic route. 

For the lack of photos, it really was an amazing weekend.
Lovely dinner. Game night filled with laughter.
I believe Karissa had a wonderful birthday, and we were lucky to share it with her.

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