Thursday, May 1, 2014

A day in the life......

Yesterday I decided to take my camera with me and document my day.
It was to be a lovely, sunny day, so after my morning coffee I went for a walk.
I love our little tree out front.

I took off down the street.

Years ago when my niece Rachel came to stay with us we would go walking in this parking lot every night. It has a fountain and is just a fun place to stroll on a summer evening.

At the end of my street is Washington Square Two.
Life is tough living so close to a mall.......

Yeah for needing sunglasses!!!

Okay, I won't. I'm a good girl that way.

A new restaurant at the end of our street. We need to go and check it out.


To cross from Washington Square Two to the main mall these is a crosswalk down a bit further.
But when the kids were little we would cross here as walking up the 'trails' in the ivy was like an adventure. Steven loved this part of going to the mall. Sometimes he would run up and down the trail just for the fun of it. I think that's how life should be!!

Towards the end of my walk I stopped by the cemetery.
It's beautiful and green.

Some of the Tigards are born there.

At the far end two of our boys from Tigard are buried there. Jon and Cody.
I stop by there on a regular basis and check on them. 
As I was walking away Monica, Jon's Mom, drove up. I was so glad to be able to give her a hug and let her know that Jon is not forgotten.

Almost home!

Then off to Trader Joe's. Love me some pasta and a bit of wine.

I stopped by the Goodwill to look for some planters for a Relay project for my team.
And look what I found......Go Hawks!!!

Then Lire and I had a photo sessions.
It's amazing what she'll do for a catnip treat or two.....

Then some Columbo. Thank you Netflix!

Every Wednesday I do some data entry for Friends of the Children.
They're a block over from the RMH and so I can go there, do a couple of hours, and then off to the House.  Well today FOTC didn't need me, so I went right over to the House.

But first I had to take a picture of the cow out in the back parking lot.

And the beautiful church next door.

Baker: Mary.
Yep, that's me!

M&M's make lovely cookies.

And cake mix cookies ain't too bad either!!

Well yes it is!

Don't you love Katie's chair cover?
Katie is so sweet and adorable that it's perfect for her.

Lots of blankets donated. So many pretty colors.
That's it my friends. Have a great day and share what you've done. I'd love to see it!!!!

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