Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunshiney day in Portland

Lire didn't need to go outside to enjoy the sunshine.
I did.

I had a meeting with Becky at Hands On Greater Portland, so I left early so I could hang out in Portland.  I got off MAX and walked through Portland before our meeting.

This is part of a bench outside the Library.

See me in the reflection in the door, LOL?

In one of the malls there were folks building structures with cans, as a fundraiser for the foodbank.

Not sure what this is.....

I know what this is!!

It was fun watching everyone work away, and I think it's a great idea.
Maybe Relay should 'steal' it.......hmmmm........

I love the new artwork outside of the United Way Building.
They've also redone the inside and it looks great.

So many folks dining outside. Yeah for sunshine!

Bensen Bubblers.
Love this Portland tradition.

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