Monday, August 26, 2013

Bits and Pieces of PTC

One of the fun parts of PTC is checking out all the decorating styles of the vans.
Some teams don't do a thing to their vans other than their team number.
But some do it up crazy!!

Some teams 'tag' other vans. This was one of my favorites.

Grumpy Cat!!

Well Mr. Grumpy Cat, we're still gonna use our cowbell.
So there!

I got a coffee along the way and thought of my friend Kathy C.
How cool is this??

We ended up parking next to the Slow Pokes quite often.
They raised a lot of money for ACS: so proud of them!!

I got a kick our of this: if you don't know it, the porta potty services' name is Honey Bucket.

This is our favorite 'gal' Big Bertha. 
She rides proudly on the front of our van.

At one of the leg exchanges we noticed that all of the volunteers had red dresses on.
Even the guys.
We asked why and we were told that they did this in support of their team who wore red dresses as they walked.  This is why I love PTC.  It's fun, but there is true support for each other as well.

This is the SAP team, and I got a kick out of all the phrases they had on their van,
starting with SAP.  So funny!

Look Mary Jo: a big ole chicken!!!

At this leg exchange several of the walkers were laughing at the fact that the Dive Team was there.
Dive Team?  Interesting.......

I liked the look of this sign.

Pirates!!!  Made me think of Relay this year.
I'm ready  to make cancer 'walk the plank'.

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