Sunday, August 18, 2013

Oaks Park is fun!

Today Mark and I drove on out to Oaks Park to help at the Intel Aloha site picnic.

This is a little wedding chapel around the block from the park.

This must be the place.

We helped Kathy and Rosemary put on the table cloths.
And then we decided to so the 'Shatner'....Victor's idea.  Hee, hee....

I think she's flying.  I don't think she's got the Shatner thing yet.

We may be flying....hmmm.....

So flipping cute!

Okay, we got the Shatner thing down here.
The point is to over-react when someone yells 'Shatner'.
We so funny.

She's got it!

Me and that cute boy I live with.
I love this guy.

Hey Mary Jo, I'm a chicken!

Golf girl.

Boat girl.

Another boat girl.

Another chicken Mary Jo. 
Not me this time.

I began working at Intel at the Aloha site.

Kathy, Me, Rosemary.
How did I ever get so lucky to have friends like this?

Okay, I love the crazy expression on Charlie's face,
and the smirk on Mark's.

She's a riot.

The cadets were having a picnic right next to us.

                          Checking folks in.

Hmm...this car must be ours.


We went on the big ole slide next.

The roller coster.

Then the frog hopper.
I didn't go on this.  No way!


Waiting for the boat.

I did go on this. 
Then Charlie went on her own so I could take her picture.

Then the train. 
We liked it.

Charlie wanted to go on this again so I could take her picture.

Love the face!

Now the roller coaster.

Frog Hopper again.  This was a hit.

Mark working and trying to eat a hamburger.

Hey Kathy!


Now the merry-go-round.

Me and my Kelly girl.  I need a tiara!!

Malie and her son.

He was so darn cute!!! 
He insisted I take their picture and I was glad to do so.

Big brother came along.
I remember when big brother was little brother's size.
Wow, where does the time go?

Motorcycle time!

You go girl.

Charlie wanted to go on a ride that I was a bit afraid would make my stomach upset.
Then I noticed my friend Kyle's daughter standing in line.
She was happy to take Charlie with her.  YES!
Courtney is not only a beautiful girl, but a very kind girl. 

Here they go.


and around!!  Thanks Courtney.  You were a god send.

As we left I saw where all the cool people were sitting.
I have the best friends in the world.  I really do.
Thank you Intel for bringing such lovely folks in my sphere. 
What a fun day1

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