Saturday, August 17, 2013

Adventures in glass blowing.

For our team building this quarter we chose to do some glass blowing.
Something a bit different!
We went to Live, Laugh, Love Glass in Tigard.

Here Laura checks out some of the colors we were given to choose from.
So many choices.

Kathy was the first one to give it a go.
We all watched as we knew our turn was coming.
With the amount of heat being used we wanted to be sure we did the right thing!

Here Laura pulls on the glass, creating the flower effect.

I'm working with the glass, spinning as I go.
So far so good!

I'm putting the hot glass on some chips of colored glass so they'll fuse together.
So interesting!

Now it's my turn to deal with the heat.

Creating the flower effect myself.

Can you see the flower happening?

Blow torch time!  Wahoo!!!

Kseniya's turn.

We all were taking pictures.

This is right after fusing the colored chips into the hot glass.

Jennifer gives it a go.

We had a great time.
If you ever get the chance, give it a go.  T

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