Sunday, August 11, 2013

RMH Urban Run

Yesterday Mark and I volunteered for the Ronald McDonald House Urban Run.
Participants went from site to site, doing puzzles, leaving donations, and all kinds of craziness, ensuring they took pictures of themselves at each site.  They even had to find a copy machine and make a copy of one of their faces!  That made me laugh.

One of the things we did was to hand out tattoos.  You so know I couldn't resist.

When we got there we discovered that the hand outs to the racers stated they were to go to the Marriott downtown.  They were suppose to go the Marriot Resident's Inn on the Waterfront!
Oh no! 

So we packed up everything and took off for downtown.  Thank goodness it was just down the road.

The folks at the Marriot were wonderful and open to us setting up shop outside their front door.  It worked out better for us, I must admit.  There wasn't anyone outside at the other hotel: here we had lots of folks working at the hotel to talk to, and a lot more activity to watch. 
People watching was fun!

We were taking donations (everyone in the race had to donate an item to the House).
One group carried two large packs of TP!  We were shocked they did that, as they had to carry all of it in their backpacks as they did the other parts of the race.

Mark was amazing, and I loved doing this with him.

Here's our set up.

Mark at work.
He took pictures and collected donations.

I sat around and looked at my shoes.......

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