Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Maryhill Museum

Capi and I took off to spend the day at Maryhill Museum and then on to the winery.
Here we begin our day at the museum.

They have a collection of dolls from Paris that are amazing.

                                                     Even the scenery was fascinating.
The dolls were used to showcase the clothing styles of the time.

We spent quite a bit of time in here.

In one of the rooms they encourage kids to create art.
I loved this room.

In the same room you got this opportunity.

We are now BBF.

The art outside, and the beautiful scenery, was just as great as the indoors.

And all the 'windmills' many!!

I love anything to do with Lewis and Clark.

Loved it here.

Capi and I took lots and lots of pictures.

We checked out the art out front.


We then drove down the road to a war memorial: a replica of Stonehenge.

This young man had the same birthday as Doug.  He was someone's baby.  Their child.
It made it so real.


We then went to Maryhill Winery.
They have concerts here.  I now want to go to one.  One day.

We wine tasted.

Willie Nelson is coming!

I LOVE living in the Pacific Northwest.  I love it!

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