Sunday, August 4, 2013

California here we come!

Mark and I flew down to California on Friday so I could attend my 40th HS reunion.
Here Mark checks out the Kindle to see if he can listen to some of his programs on the plane.
Important stuff folks!

Important for me?  Coffee!

Mark was happy we were on a Huskies plane.

Go Huskies!

At John's I got a kick out of the pirate monkey by the pool.
Pirates WILL be at Relay this year!  Oh yes they will.

We took a drive and John showed us all the changes at Sutter HS.

'Hit or Sit'
I like it.  I love me some football!

I love the view of the Sutter Buttes in the background at the football field.

It was fun taking a drive and seeing the sights.

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