Sunday, August 4, 2013

Class Of 73: you are amazing.

Mark and I attended my 40th HS reunion.
Yuba City High School.  Home of the Honkers.
Here my friends Edie, Dale, Denise, and the cute boy I live with give me a pose.

These are some gals I had a BLAST with in HS and beyond.
Edie and Denise are the kind of people I wish everyone had in their lives.
The world would be a better place if that was the case.

Got me a new mug.  I love this one!

Ron, Lewis, and Cheri check out the yearbook.
It was funny to see folks go through it to figure out who everyone was!
Hey, it has been 40 years after all.....


Hanging out.  Catching up.  Loving it.

Lewis and Margaret getting ready to pose in the photo booth.

So stylish Lewis.  As always.

Ron looks like he's wearing the sorting hat from Harry Potter!
I wonder what house he would have been placed in.....

Look at how cute you two are!!

Mark couldn't resist the pirate hat.

Lots of pictures were taken.
Liz, got you.  Ron, sorry. 

Dancing happened.


The woman on the far right was one of the folks who organized this.
Marcy and her co-horts in crime did an amazing job. 

Hey Ron!

Love my friends!

Love em!

Hey Mark!

We had a great time.

Liz and Denise had a great time.

Edit, Cheri, Sharon, and Ron hanging.

Go Honkers!

This morning we met for breakfast before everyone headed for home.

We went to the Dancing Tomato.
I liked going just cause the name was a kick!

Good food and great friends.

It doesn't get much better than this.
I told everyone I'd like to get together and have a multi class event. 
I said I'd plan it.  Time to get started planning NOW!

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Cari said...

You and dad are so cute, what a great picture of the two of you!