Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thanks for making me feel special

Thursday afternoon was my retirement party.

My manager Kathy asked me where I wanted it and I choose McMenamins Road House,
one of my favorite places.

Oh my, two of my favorite combinations:
white Costco CAKE, and penguins.
Do my co-workers (and I'd like to note my friends) know me or what?

So many wonderful friends came.
Marti and I have worked together since F20 days, in the 80's.
Some of the nicest folks I know are my F20 cohorts in crime.

And the shirt they got me: perfect!
And Kellie gave me some funny gifts:
the glasses are to use when I've done something I need to hide.... 
The baking hat they created with cupcakes and bling is a jem.

Wow, retirement party.  So strange to realize this is happening.
I've basically grown up at Intel!

When it was time to go I was surprised to realize the beautiful flowers were for me.
I thought they were decorations for the restaurant.  How sweet is that?

And I have a new friend.  I need to name him.

You know, I think I may have to have a contest on FB.
I can't say thank you enough to my manager Kathy, and my co-workers Jennifer, Kseniya, Laura, and Nicole. So much work went into my party, and it made me feel special.

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