Saturday, June 29, 2013

Coastal fun!

Mark and I went to the coast today, and our first stop was the Tillamook Relay For Life.
Look who I ran into.
When I was a kid Smokey the Bear was one of my favorites.
I was so glad to get my picture taken with him.

We then went into Tillamook, checked out the farmers market, and saw a windmill.
We then went to the blimp hanger to check out some airplanes.
This picture of a man and his kilt reminds me of a joke:
When asked what he was wearing under his kilt, a man responded,
'Good girls don't ask.
Bad girls don't have to'

Liked the view of the hanger from here.
                                                    Look how big this place is!!

Gotta try it all out.


So interesting.  A good time was had.

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