Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Dad's Day!

Looking through some pictures.  I remember this night: we tried and tried to take some family pictures, but we didn't have much luck.....but the resulting pictures were funny!
Look at Dad's expression: what a cute Dad I have!

Mark and Steven: this was Steven's first day at the ocean. 
I think it was a hit!

Mark and Cari check out Disneyland.

Mark and some 'monsters'/

A family trip to the ocean: we're posing at Depot Bay.

I LOVE this picture of Mark and Cari at Rachel and David's wedding.
So sweet.

Mark and they boys: I think Mark enjoys being Dad. 
Our kids make that easy.

Mark and Dad: always so wonderful when we get to hang out.
We have such great Dads in our family.
Happy Dad's Day to one and all!!!

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