Saturday, June 8, 2013

Morning walks in Hawaii

Every morning I would take an early morning stroll (except those darn mornings when our excursions started at 6am).
Look at this.  How could you resist taking a walk here?  I couldn't!

One morning it had been raining, and I caught the tail end of a beautiful rainbow.

Even the trees were interesting.

I would walk down to Diamondhead and say good morning and thank her (Diamondhead is a lady to me) for a lovely time and sharing her island with me.

So many status honoring those who made a difference.  I really appreciated this sentiment..

My view as I returned to our hotel.

Oh yeah, there was a Starbucks directly below our hotel.
Right after I took this picture I walked past three young men sitting along the sidewalk/
"Hey girl, is that picture for you Facebook?"
I was surprised he noticed that and I responded that it was.  He laughed, responded that he thought that was what it was for, and he said it would be a good one. 
And you know, he was right.  It's a good one.

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