Monday, June 10, 2013

Snokel anyone?

One of our favorite days in Hawaii was the day we took off and went snorkeling.
Here we are on the bus, early in the morning, driving out of time.

The bus driver explained that they used the dividers to change the lanes coming into town, increasing the lanes coming into town (he stated this was so that folks could make it into town faster and get to work!).  Then they would move the barriers over and the lanes would be revert back to normal.
We got to see the barrier mover in action: it may be hard to see, but here the machine is at work.

We got to the boat dock and waited for the boat to arrive.

Here it is!

Off we go.

Amazing scenery.

Mark hung out with the captain, and he had a blast.

The first part of the trip was dolphin watching.  We saw so many!
We then went back to the dock, and the folks that were only taking part in the dolphin watch took off, and the rest of us waited while they prepared the boat for those of us who were going snorkeling.
Here I checked out a small cemetery for those lost at sea.  It was very touching.

The majority of them were homemade, and very special.

We then got back on the boat, took off, and they showed everyone how to get ready.
I didn't go snorkeling, so I took pictures.

Here they get ready to go.

Mark checks out the surfboard they towed behind the boat.
I ended up swimming off the back of the boat, going between the tow line and the surfboard.  And I LOVED it!  I can't wait til I can do it again.

Everyone had such a good time.  We are ready to go back.

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