Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tigard Football

Today was the Tigard HS 'chicken and beans bowl'.
At this time each year the varsity team plays a game:
the winners eat chicken and the losers eat beans.
Trust me, each team really wants to win, LOL!

Before the varsity game the freshmen and the jr. varsity teams play 30 minute games.
Basically scrimmages.  But still fun to watch!

Coach Mark was having way too much fun out there.

Here the freshmen are ready to start.  The freshmen don't suit up for this game.

I really like the new scoreboard.

Look at the view: I love having Mt. Hood in the background.
We are so lucky!

Guess who came up and sat in front of me, and didn't even notice me? Ha!
Silly coach Mark!

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