Sunday, June 2, 2013

Starlight Parade 2013

It's Rose Festival time again and this year I took Mark to go and be in the Starlight Parade with me.

We checked out cars.

Yes, we even checked out the RMH float car. 
Okay, so it's not a real car......

Go Portland State.
Go Viks!

The Winterhawks were the Grand Marshalls of the parade.
We didn't get to see any Winterhawks, but we did get to see Tom-A-Hawk and the Rose Buds.
We got a kick out of these young men wanting to have their picture taken with the gals.
Tom-A-Hawk was NOT the main attraction for them.
Go figure.

Okay, so we got into the act.

When we got back to the RMH entry Ronald McDonald was there and right away he LOVED my shoes.
I think we're a team.

Mark hung out with Chad.

I hung out with Ronald.

A good time was had.  Glad to see the House out and about in the community!

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