Monday, July 1, 2013

Coastal adventures

Saturday Mark and I had an adventure in Tillamook.
We went to the blimp museum and checked out the planes.
Fun to sit in the simulator.  Pretty interesting.

Can you tell Mark had fun?

We then drove to Garibaldi and checked out the train.
We are now planning on going back and taking a ride. 
Another adventure to look forward to.

Pretty impressive!!!

They were having Pirate's Day in Garibaldi.
Hey, even pirates need to take a breather at the coast.

It was an amazing day to walk on the beach.
So many families hanging out, enjoying the day.

We are so cute.

Look!  Mary made a friend!
He was a VERY friendly pirate.
He likes wenches.

We ended the day having a bit of dinner and a beer.
The gal behind the bar was fun to talk to. 
What a great way to end our coastal adventure.

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