Monday, June 24, 2013

Relay 2013 is in the book

Another Relay is come and gone. 
Friends, like Hai, came and took part.
Love the fact his team carried a Winterhawks stick for their baton as they walked.
I've been friends with Hai since 1987:he's the best.

Mark was busy all day, driving a cart and hauling stuff and people.

Rhonda and Olivia kept us going with lots and lots of coffee, and hot water for hot chocolate and tea.

Superman and Batman approved of our event.

This was one of my favorite Luminaria.

This is the back.  So creative.
Not sure what he meant, but we still loved it.

One of my favorite teams. 
This Mom was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant, advised to abort the baby, she wouldn't, her doctor 'divorced' her, and thank goodness she stood her ground.  Look at this lovey 'miracle' baby, as her Mother calls her.  They are a loving team.

Super Heroes unite!

Here I am on stage, ready to start the opening ceremony.
Survivors: they're why we Relay.

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