Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ranch bound

One morning in Hawaii we got up early to head on out on an excursion with Mary Jo and Randy.
We stopped at a ABC store to pick up something.
These stores are EVERYWHERE!!

On the bus trip to the ranch we passed by this area the government stated we were NOT to trespass on.  Oh darn, it really looks like somewhere I'd like to go.

As we got closer the scenery just got better and better.

Mary Jo and Randy were excited!
We arrived at the ranch. 

We're ready for some fun.


Our first activity was a jeep trip.

Everyone is ready.

We stopped for pictures.

The jeeps await.

Cows were disturbed by our adventures.
They were good sports.

Mark checked it out to see if he was tall enough to ride the horses.

Randy was a bit concerned as well.

Well, we went with ATVs. 
Mark looks like he's rocking it, doesn't he?

I was rocking it.

Mary Jo was rocking it.

ATVs await as we stop and admire the scenery.
They filmed part of Jurassic Park here. 

I enjoyed riding the ATVs.  I'd never done it before.
It was a bit hard on the thumbs, Mary Jo and I made it work (with our crazy thumbs), and fun was had.

Randy is rocking it!
We wait for the bus to arrive to take us back to town.

I wore my bracelet celebrating Cody Smith's life: he was a good friend of Doug's.
I think Cody, who was quite the adventurer, would have approved of Mark and I giving ATVs a try.
It seemed fitting to think of him this day.

What a beautiful location.  How lucky were we to be here?  SO very lucky.

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