Sunday, June 2, 2013

Garage sales...gotta love em....yeah......

Last Friday and Saturday our team, the Intel Originals, had our fundraising garage sale.
I'm not big on them, but I went and helped out.  Got a kick out of this truck!

I talked to the owner and he has four older cars and loves them all to death.
He's now about to start working on this truck. I would love to see it when he's done!

We raised around 600 dollars on Friday.  Wow.  I don't like doing garage sales, but they do come up with lots of money.  I haven't heard what we raised yesterday......

Saturday we had rain off and on in the morning.
Oh joy.

But even though I don't like garage sales, I always love hanging out with Rhonda's dog.
He's one of the sweetest dogs around.  Look at that face.
(by the way, I'm making a sandwich and he's hoping for a nibble....that's my big appeal here)

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