Friday, February 5, 2010

Kennedy School

Today was a beautiful, sunny, bright big ole blue sky, day. Loved it!!

Dad and I went out for lunch, and then we took off to the airport and picked up Linda and Glenn. And then we all went out to Kennedy School for dinner. As always the food was so good, and the beer was cold and good as well.

After eating we walked through the hallways checking out all the amazing art.


I love the colors, and the theme, of this picture.

So much art to look at! And what a variety of themes!

Linda really liked this because Scott is in boyscouts.

These young ladies are ready for a school event.

This is a painting of Edgefield. Hey Mary Jo, look familiar?

The iron work around this picture is from the old Portland Hotel. I love the fact that it's a piece of Oregon history.

Punch and Judy. Theme, and color, are amazing.

Dad is standing next to a note that is the basis for a piece of art. The note is written to a young lady named Loise, and it was written on the day Dad was born. How cool is that?

Dad loves checking this out each time we go there.

Hey wait: he found another note to Lois, written on the day he was born! Gads!

Isn't it cute?

Hey, another note to Lois, but not written on Dad's birthday.

ANOTHER ONE! Lois was one popular girl.

This is in one of the bars: there are several.

I love the artwork. So much to see.

Counting is good.

This is a picture from an article in the Ladies Home Journal many, many years ago. I'm so glad that Kennedy School is well and thriving.

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