Saturday, February 20, 2010

Portland to Coast, we'll be ready for ya!

My team for Portland to Coast met in Portland to have a breakfast meeting. Some of us went early to get in an hour walk. Here we're figuring out the parking ticket machine.

We walked on the waterfront. It was calm and serene.

I hardly ever walk on the waterfront early in the morning. There were lots of folks doing so, and lots of bikes out as well. Busy morning with everyone wanting to enjoy the sun. One of the great things about living in the Northwest: when it's sunny, we all act like it's Christmas or something. Sunshine is such a gift here. Love it.


Hmmm.....hand shot. I make fists when I walk. Here's proof. Gads.


Again, I'm in the slow group, but I didn't mind. And they're speeding up: they know it's almost time for breakfast!

We went to Mother's Bistro. Very popular, and thank goodness Rachel made reservations for our group of 12, or we would have an hour or two wait. The line was huge!

Here's a lesson for you. Call her.

Breakfast was so good (banana pancakes for me), lots of information given out (there is a new rule of no i-pods while walking...okay...), and details hammered out. Good meeting.

I like signs like this. I find them interesting.

Walking back to the car I'm reminded how much I like living close to Portland. Loving it!

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