Monday, February 8, 2010


So, Saturday night we're going to Cari's to hang out. Maybe play some 'apples to apples'. Oh no: it was a friggin surprise party for our 30th wedding anniversary. Couldn't believe it! We were surprised.

Lots of wonderful folks. So much fun to watch Charlie and Cate have fun with the balloons.

Cari created the cake toppers. I love the fact she got the Burgundy tux and the fu-manchu mustache right on!
And she called this the 'ring of fire'. Loved it!

Cari and Grandpa Chuck. What a team!

I loved the flowers. Beautiful.

Everyone hanging out.

Charlie and Cari became good friends.

Jennifer shows off the card Cari created for us.

Hanging out.

Mark and Rob are both so cute!!

You know, looking at these pictures, Steven has basically the same color on as Mark and Rob. What's with this?

Our loving family. 'All because two people fell in love....."

Oh man, what WERE we thinking???

Jennifer, sad. Hooper, whatever.

Jennifer happy now! Everyone is happy now!

So cute.


Doug. Hanging out.

Love the cake toppers. Love the flowers. Love the picture that Larissa drew for me. Love having family and friends celebrate with us. Life is wonderful!

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