Saturday, January 30, 2010

A nice, easy day

I went for a walk this morning with the folks on my team for Portland to Coast (we have one guy on the team, so I can't say gals). When I got home there was Mark reading a book I bought him for Christmas, and Deacon just hanging out with his favorite person in the world. Too cute!

When I gave Mark the book at Christmas I could tell he was like, "Oh, thanks. It's 'nice'. I'm sure I'll enjoy it...." But I knew he would like it, and sure enough. He's still over there reading away, sharing some of the stories in the book with Steven from time to time.

Deacon is just hanging out. He's very contented at this moment in time.

I had left this cup in the car, so I brought it in when I got home. I went to a party at my friend's house the other night, and the gal putting on the party had us try the rub ons, and we got to keep the cup. That was so nice! Everyone got a different saying. Is mine not PERFECT??? I have HOPE that we'll kick Cancer's FRIGGING GUTS!

Okay, so that last line took some of the special, good feelings, out of the moment. But it a true statement, and I stand by it.

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