Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gig Harbor Rocks!

On the way home from Washington Mark and I stopped in Gig Harbor. The weather was just right for taking a walk, and we loved the area.

We checked out the dock.

I loved that they have safety jackets available for kids. They ask that you return them when done: I sure hope folks follow through on that. I love the idea.

The statue of the fisherman reminded me of the 'Gordon's Fisherman' ads. I couldn't help my self from thinking that.

Mark on the dock.

Mary on the dock. If we lived up here I would be here almost every weekend, and when the weather was good I would probably find myself getting a cup of coffee, sitting on one of the benches on the dock, and just enjoying the view. I need to win the lottery....

LOVED the view from the dock.

Mark checks out a brochure.

We walked down the road, and found even more amazing views. I must think positive thoughts about winning the lottery.

We checked out a yard shop. Lots of birdbaths, birdhouses, and a couple of fountains.

There is a huge brick wall next to the yard shop.

And there are lots of birds living in the holes in the brick wall. Coolness.

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