Monday, February 15, 2010

Mom, you rock!

We had a great time in Washington. Mom broke her arm, has gone through surgery, and is doing great. She's a trooper! Here she give Duke some love.

And Dad: did you ever get to talk to Randy's 'Aunt'??? Inquiring minds want to know.............

We hung out talking, laughing, and having a great time. Jerrod (did I spell that right? probably not, knowing me and spelling names, sigh) was home, came on by, and it was so fun talking with him. So glad we timed our visit to sync up.

Hi Mom! Love you!!!

On our way home we stopped at an Adair home site: this company built our house and we wanted to check out their newest model. It is amazing, and Mark and I loved seeing it. I still love my house, but boy oh boy, is this one nice.

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