Sunday, April 12, 2009

Beach Trip, part 1

We met up with the Ouderkirk clan at Cannon Beach, to have ourselves some fun. Here you see one of the newest members to be of our family: Megan's future mother-in-law Tammy. We all adore Dylan's family, so we're so excited we get to keep them! They know us and they're glad they get to keep us as well, so all is good.

note: I misspelled Dylan's name the first time I did the post. I adore Dylan, so if this makes any difference in him wanting to become a member of our family, thinking that Megan is about to saddle him with a crazy ole Aunt who doesn't even know who the heck he is and that he should run for his life, I will do ANYTHING to atone. He's a keeper.

Mother, son, and daughter: our newest members. Aren't they cute?

The happy couple.


The happy couple aren't the only happy people. Their siblings are happy as well.

And a bit crazy as well.

The Easter Bunny magically found our humble abode last night.

Gavyn got some great stuff. But I have to tell you, looking at this picture all I see is that FACE on the magazine. Now that is ugly.

And eggs appeared everywhere.

Like I said.


Everyone hung out this morning, between cleaning up and packing up.

Including our own little mother-to-be. I'm so excited about our new baby.

A dreary day today, so a good thing we were heading for home.

More pictures to follow. Steven needs the computer to do some more homework.

Dang kid.


jenrust said...

oh I can't wait!! Looks like you all had fun!

Mary Jo said...

OK, it's spelled Dylan and
Gavyn. We did have a great time and we are very happy for Megan and Dylan and their puppy Thor.