Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ronald IS a bit blurry...

Yesterday I went to the House, brought along some chocolate cupcakes (they were good. don't ask how I know), and baked up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. One family came in while I was doing this, and their boys promptly gravitated to them. One of the boys, around 5, was thrilled when I put out more warm cookies. The look on his face is what makes me love doing this.

After baking the batch of warm chocolate chip cookies that made cute little boys smile, I walked across the street to Legacy Hospital to watch the cast of Wicked perform. For the first half hour the kids got to make masks and magic wands. I should have asked if I could make a wand.

I think this would be something fun to do at Relay, and not just for the kids. I think we all need a magic wand from time to time, no matter how old we are.

Ronald McDonald himself was there, and yes: he is blurry. You haven't lost you mind. My camera is not working when it comes to zooming in. Great. Talked to Cari and she said I can use her camera: she has a new one. My blog is saved!

I love my daughter. She's not only talented, but shares well with others. Hey Linda, looks like those crack smoking wolves really didn't have anything to do with her raising. Thank goodness!

Folks were everywhere, watching the show.

The cast sang a song from the show (the gal in the cool hat plays the green witch: heck, I don't know the character's name). They then went on to each sing a song, mainly Disney songs. Well done, and very enjoyable!

This little girl's father is in the show (no, she is NOT Ronald's child, it's the guy next to him. grow up!), she's five, and she sang two songs. She is set to be a performer, let me tell you.

Ronald mentioned how much he loved seeing how proud her dad was of her, and reminded parents in the crowd that they needed to show their kids how proud they were of them. He then asked the kids in the crowd to raise their hands if they thought they had the best parents in the world, and almost every hand went up. Sweet.

You think you have it rough? Look at the monitoring system for this young man, with his nurse checking the status. Can you imagine having to deal with all that every time you take your child anywhere?

His nurse sat in front of me, joining his wife and her mother (and yes, his wife raised her hand to indicate she thought her mother was the best. and yes, her mother loved it), and he would get up every once in a while and check on the equipment. He gave the family some space, letting them have a moment together as a family. They're staying at the house, and they're very nice.

On my walk back to the house I followed some of the cast. They'd parked in the House's parking lot. That's the house in the background.

Okay, story of my life. Pictures of Ronald and the cast of Wicked come out blurry. Pictures of sweet and lovely and tasty cupcakes come out amazing. This needs to end. Now.

Wait til you see what I have planned for April Fool's Day!

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Carla Dionne said...

Green witch's name is Elphaba.

Wicked is an awesome musical and one of Melissa's favorite books... ;)