Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beach Trip, part 2

When we got to the beach there was some relaxing going on. Isn't that what's great about the beach? It's like a law that you should relax. Excellent.

Our little mother needed some extra shut eye. I remember those days.

And our little mother needed some family time, hanging out with the crew. Uno was the game of the day.

Hanging out.

Hmmm...something has caught Gavyn's eye.

All right, the guys have found a fight on TV! Guy stuff!

Doug hanging out, playing Uno, watching guy stuff.

Jessica, not playing Uno, not watching fights, and wearing an Oregon shirt. That rocks.

Other games were played.

Games on a TV.

Randy got some computer time. While taking this picture I noticed something.

That something was a cute little Gus hanging out underneath the table.

Sunday morning we began packing up.

Thor found a hippo, probably thought he could pack that up to take home, and began to look for someone to play with him and his new hippo.

While Jessica admired the hippo, she didn't fall for those pleading, very sweet eyes. And I do mean Thor's, not the hippo.

Gus hangs out with mom. This dog LOVES his mom.

Final note: the house next door is for sale, so Mary Jo looked up the price.

Are you ready? Three million dollars!!!!! GADS. And you're looking at their front yard. Yes, there's a beach in front of it, but GADS.

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Mary Jo said...

That picture of Gus is just the greatest!