Monday, December 29, 2008

Go Trail Blazers!

Saturday night Mark and I are watching TV, just hanging out, and Steven comes in to ask if we'd like to go to a Trail Blazer's game.

"Sure!" we say.

"How about right now?" He replies!

Jennifer's friend had four tickets he was willing to give her, but it was for that night's game. Time was a wasting, so we got ourselves ready, picked up Jennifer, and high tailed it out to Portland. We made it at the beginning of the second quarter. Not bad for last minute planning!

And the seats were AMAZING!! About 10 rows back from the court. AMAZING!!

Here's my view. How cool is that?

BRANDON ROY!!! How can you not LOVE him? Okay, how can you NOT love him if you're a Trail Blazer fan?

It was a fun game. Brandon was on fire the final quarter, Oden played really well and did a great dunk at the basket in front of us (awesome!), we won, and the Trail Blazer scored over 100 points, so free Taco Bell chulapas for everyone in the house! I think Jennifer was the most excited fan about that in the house!

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