Wednesday, December 17, 2008

When snowmen go bad.

Today it was snowing, so Mark and I came home early. I was able to work from home, and at lunch time we decided to walk down to Gustafs and have ourselves some lunch. Oh yes.
As we left, we couldn't help but notice a strange fellow on our front yard. Strange looking fellow.

Man, now that is just STRANGE.

Strange fellow or not, we had ourselves a wonderful lunch.

While we were gone, the penguin noticed something happening.

This little guy heard about it as well. And so did we as soon as we got home.

The strange fellow had been joined by some other rather strange fellows, and the strange fellow looked a bit 'different' than when we had left. Hmmm....

Oh my gosh, and he was now even drinking! Drinking in our front yard! The nerve!

Oh my gosh, he even go STEVEN drinking on our front yard! The nerve!

Look at yourself. A big ole snowman like you, drinking your life away.

And trust me buddy, you shouldn't waste what little time you have. Cause it's gonna be short. Really.

Oh, now I see. Hooper is in on this. Helping a big ole snowman drink his short life away.

Bad Hooper! Put that snow back this minute young man! Don't make me stop this car!!!

Geez, he doesn't even look worried about my threat. Could be cause we aren't in a car. Darn. Gotta work on my threats now that the boys are older and much wiser.

Hooper, what did I tell you about that snowman??

Get away from him! You shouldn't be seen hanging around with strange fellows like this. What would the neighbors say?

Mark. Yep, there he is, hanging out with him. Maybe he's calling the cops on the fellow. Maybe. Or maybe he's calling in an order for more beer. I've heard snowmen can put the brew away, and this guy is pretty big.

Oh well, even Steven is in on the act now. Look at all that beer.

Let this be a lesson to you all: don't allow your children to build really big ole snowmen. They'll just drink your beer.


CFCina said...

TOO FUNNY!!! ~ Kathy

jenrust said...

haha... Perfect way to spend a snowy afternoon.

Mary Jo said...

You sure made the most of your snow day!! Fun times...