Monday, December 22, 2008

Adventures in the snow

This has been ONE crazy weekend! Lots of snow, lots of Steven's friends over, and lots of snow. Oh yeah, and lots of ice. I took myself out to walk on the snow, and it was covered with a lovely layer of ice. Crunch, crunch!

And Hooper thought it would be funny to pile up snow next to the car. Like it wasn't bad enough to start with! Moms, watch out who your kids hang out with. If their name is Hooper, kick em out now before you start to like them (and we do like Hooper, darn it) and they end up covering your car in snow.

Mark decided that we needed to have an adventure in the winter wonderland, so we decided to walk on over to a close by tree lot and get ourselves a real tree.

So he got out his old sled and we took off.

We even saw bears out in the snow. Cute little bears.

Frozen ponds.

We found a great tree and headed on back home. Folks were driving by, and you could tell they were getting a kick out of someone walking down the street with a big ole Christmas tree on a sled, with snow falling all around. Nice to see stuff like that still happens, eh?

Our penguin wasn't so sure he liked what he was seeing.

Sure enough, he REALLY didn't like what he was seeing by the end of the day.

A man and his tree.

A woman and her tree (and no, I didn't pull that thing at friggin way!!!). All for looks baby, all for looks.

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Mary Jo said...

Poor little penquin, he needs to go inside!