Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas in Portland

Sunday Mark and I headed out for Portland. We took MAX and took ourselves into town to see us some pretty Christmas lights.

What do you know? A Christmas penguin! Ho, ho, ho!

Downtown Macy's had a nice Christmas display. Not as big as the old days at Meier and Franks, but it was still nice and pretty. Ho, ho, ho!

Hmmmm. Snow machine in Portland. At the mall. How THAT get in here?

Back to Macys. Here's Comet and we know what he has to say: "ho, ho, ho!"

Back to the snow at the mall. How cool is that?

Mark decided it was time for lunch. I decided it was time for lunch when Mark tried taking fish from bears.

Oh yes, lunch at Rockbottom Pub. HO, HO, HO!!!!

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Mary Jo said...

That was such a fun night at the Rock Bottom! Good for you guys for getting your butts out and seeing the sights.