Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Fun.

On Christmas Day we decided to take the dog outside and play. Man, was Deacon EXCITED! He was one happy dog.

Steven came out for a moment, but he wasn't as excited as the dog, and went back inside.

But Richard, Cari, and I were excited and went out to enjoy the Christmas snow.

We ended up at Metzer School and checked out some of the new exercise equipment. I had driven by it several times, wondering what it was, and it seems to something kids climb on.

Or should I say it appears to be something kids and adults climb on. Cari, leave Richard alone!
Who raised you? Wolves?

Run Cari run! Run Deacon, run!

Okay, don't run.

Richard in his new Oregon shirt. Go Ducks!

While most of the playground equipment seems to be new, the swings seem to be the same ones that have been there since Cari was at Metzer. If not, then they're twins. Brings back memories. We used to go to the playground all the time so the kids could swing, climb on the jungle gym, and slide. Fun times people, fun times.

We wondered the school, and the mist over the snow looked surreal.

Very pretty. I'm rather tired of the snow, and trying to get around, but these were good times.

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