Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve celebration!

Tonight we ventured out and took ourselves to Red Lobster for dinner. Thank you Mom and Dad W and Uncle Tom for providing the funds so we could go out for dinner and have a wonderful time! And we did. Here Richard, Doug, and Cari think about what they're going to have for dinner. Lots of seafood to choose from. Hmmm. Wonder what they'll have?

Jennifer, you are so silly!

Mark is silly too, but here he's explaining something to Richard. Must be important. Must be.

Steven is shown here enjoying his Long Island Ice Tea. Hmmm...thanks Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Tom! Booze is good. Hmmm......

Cari looks perplexed. Must be wondering about if booze is really good. Hmmmm....

Aren't they cute?

So we took ourselves on home, still pondering the booze question, and Doug watched himself some TV.

Steven and Jennifer got on the computer.

AND THEN, to really celebrate Christmas Eve, the kids decided it was 'dog pile on Dad' time!

Ah, the celebration of loving dad. Look at the joy it brings!

And doesn't Dad look like he's enjoying the celebration of LOVE? The togetherness? The pain? After this Mark decided he thought having some booze WAS a good thing. Maybe to forget the pain of the celebration of love of Dad? Hmmmmm......

I know Richard is just enjoying the fact he wasn't a part of the celebration of the 'Love of Dad'.

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