Saturday, December 27, 2008

Must be Christmas.

I bought this little Santa house, and the two little Santa dogs, many years ago when Cari was a baby. They're such a part of my Christmas. I love having them in my kitchen, right there while I cook or bake.

And penguins. There have to be Christmas penguins around.

I bought this little kitty, with her batch of Christmas cookies, years ago as well. I leave her up year round cause I love her so much. I love the little Christmas cookies on her tray as well.

Our tree holds so many memories.

The angel at the top isn't that old, but she's still pretty.

Penguins AGAIN. Nuff said.

This 'stained glass' ornament (fake), from 1982, is another favorite.

When Mark first moved to Yuba City his parents sent him a gift package from Swiss Colony, or some company like it. I don't remember which it was. But what I do know is there was a Santa Claus in the gift and we have put it on our tree every year. I love this little guy. He's been with Mark and I from the very beginning, and Christmas wouldn't be the same without him.

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