Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcome to our world Russell William!

Ah, road trip time. Time to drive on up to Washington and visit the Ouderkirks and Vander Yachts. Always a good time to be had.

We were greeted at the gate. Always a warm welcome.

And have you EVER seen such a cute face? Well, HAVE YOU???

Mary Jo prepares for a baby shower for Danielle. She and her husband are expecting a certain young man, Russell William, to arrive soon. And I sure hope he's ready to be a Seahawks fan, cause he ain't got no choice. Go Hawks!!!

Maybe he'll like strawberries, sour cream, and brown sugar. Man, he should. It's good!

And cake. Gee, I hope he likes cake.

Here's Russell's mom, ready for some strawberries and cake.

Here's Danielle and Jo Ann. My mother-in-law. Aren't they cute?

Mary Jo and Russell's mom. Cute.

Trying to take pictures. Cute.

The card is of a 'tater tot'. A potato in a diaper. Tater tot: get it? Funny Mary Jo. Very funny.

Gaven hung out with us. Not a lot to do when you're a boy at a baby shower, but he was a good sport.

Like I said, he'd better be a Seahawks fan!

Lots of gifts, and lots of wonderful people.

Russell's mom and Grandma. Lucky young man. Very lucky.

Not much to say about this. Speaks for itself.

How cool is that Megan? Cool.

Bye Russell's mom. You're in for a wonderful, lovely, exciting, and loving time.

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