Friday, January 25, 2008

Rec Basketball is FUN!!!!

Tonight Doug and Mark had a basketball game at Fowler. Steven had to go to work. I'm "sure" if he didn't have to go to work he would have gone to the game to cheer for his little brother. Yeah, right. Here he is, ready to go to work. There we were, getting ready to go to the game.

Curt and Mark get the boys together for a pep talk before the game. Heck, I should say young men. They're all growing up so quickly. And darn nice and funny and witty young men at that! Several of their friends were sitting by us and they were cracking me up with what they were saying and it was easy to talk to them. How lucky are we to live in Tigard?

The game starts and Doug's team has just enough guys to play: no subs for them! OUCH! These young men hung in there and played with a lot of heart and determination. I sat behind Mark and Curt, the mighty coaches, and they were amazed and extremely proud at how well their players played. It's tough to not have the opportunity to sit out a bit here and there. I got a bit winded just taking pictures. Wow, that's sad.

Doug had a great game, and I'm beginning to believe he's the rebound king of the world! He played hard, gave the other players a lot of crap (Cari, can you believe that?), and he had a good time as well.

Curt gets them together to encourage them to give it all they got. Go #5! Mom wants a basket!

Wow, Mark even got on his knees to beg them to play hard! Heck, does he look like he's 53 years old? Man, I'm robbing the cradle!

Doug and Greg have been friends for a long time. I'm so glad they're still hanging out and get the chance to be with friends like this. They won the game, but the best part about this evening was being with folks you like. Nothing better than that folks: nothing better than that.

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