Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Years is FUN!!!

Mark, Doug, Brianna (Doug's girlfriend) and I went up to Port Orchard for my in-law's New Years Day party (and if you ever want to go to a fun party get yourself an invite to my mother-in-law's party: she is an amazing hostess and knows how to make folks that come over feel special). We had a great time. Lots of eating and visiting and hanging out.

And of course a football pool for the Rose Bowl (hey, with how the game was at least the thought of winning some money made it a bit more entaining!). Doug, Bampa, and Mary Jo (looking GOOD MJ!) go over the spots they want to pick for the pool.

Brianna had to get in on the fun. We must have done something right, because Mark and I won three of the quarters! Guess Reno is our next stop....yeah, right.....

And as I said, lots of good food. Mark was happy.

Randy was happy.

Hey, even Duke was happy!

By the way, he heard that Deacon got to give his Christmas greeting on the blog so he wanted his turn. So to one and all, Duke says, "Happy New Year! May 2008 bring you lots of joy and love. And some tuna would be nice....."

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