Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Here I come 2008

Okay, I'm going to plan out my day for tomorrow. Let's see how I do.

(Go Beavs!...had to add that....not sure why....)

I have high fiber cereal and flax seed (suppose to be good for hot flashes...I have to admit it seems to be working!).

I have some of the yoplait yogurt that is 2 points (and it has 4 grams of fiber AND I like it.

I have a lean cuisine meal that I'm going to try. I think to get back "into the groove" I need to have one of these for one of my daily meals for the next few days. I've stayed close to my goal weight, but I have gotten to be rather a slacker and I want to get back on track.

And some vegetables. I have some vegetable soup I'll eat with lunch ( points) and some carrot sticks.

I'm taking Doug to get his senior pictures tomorrow evening, so I'll take him and Mark to dinner. I'll eat very mellow: not sure where we'll go, but I'll be sure to make it a small dinner.

And I enjoy the Fiber 1 cereal that is the sweetened flakes: I actually like it better dry as a nibble. Lots of fiber, lots of flavor, and you can't beat that.

And at least 6 glasses of water. I've been doing great on drinking water.

I'm working on a plan for this year. I need to put together a 3 week plan for now: my 28th wedding anniversary is coming up. Mark and I want to go out and party like it's 1999 and I want to feel healthy and wealthy and wise! And more food than I need is NOT going to make me feel good.

At this time I'm looking at giving up my weekly cake for the next three weeks and going with a daily ice cream treat (I bought some of the skinny cow treats...one of those a day should do the trick and more than stay in my points range).

We're doing a 12 pounds in 12 weeks challenge at work (us DMIS gals) and I think my choice (one of the challenges is a self made challenge) is going to be to go low sugar. Maybe I can break the habit, replace sugar with protein and veggies (I'm great on the fruit), and feel better. Who knows? But I think I'll come up with a new life style change monthly and monitor how I do. I really want to learn to cook some meals that are good and tasty and healthy. Won't hurt anyone at my house!

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