Saturday, January 12, 2008

Let's Take Cancer Out Of The Game!!!

Today was our Kick-Off Rally for the Hillsboro Relay For Life. We had a great turnout and it went really well. Don't these two look great? I especially thought his costume for our Monopoly theme was excellent and they did a great job addressing the crowd. I believe they will be an asset to our Relay and I'm looking forward to the ideas they come up with.

Now if we can only get the Hillsboro police to do a 'jail' at the Relay, that would be a blast!

One of my favorite people in the world. Capi is just too darn cute (she gives me a run for my money!). She's on sabbatical and I've missed seeing her at work, but I'm glad she's having some well deserved time off.

And the centerpieces on the tables looked good. In fact the entire room looked festive and the display tables were well done.

This is my table. We all enjoyed the food, coffee, and treats at the table, ESPECIALLY the Godiva chocolate!!! Oh yes!!

In fact everyone at our table enjoyed the Godiva coffee and chocolate.

And our planning committee inspired us all to "Take Cancer Out Of The Game!!!"

Enough said. We do. Mom and Dad, I love you. You are the reason I Relay.

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