Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mark and....

Mark has an interesting life. Here he is with one of his best friends. THE "Vander Wagon". Ah, the adventures these two have had. The excitement, the joys, the wins, the losses. Mark used to ferry several of his football players to practices and games. Andy Hansen called it the "clown car" because Mark would pull up and several of the guys would pour out of the van. The poor old Vander Wagon has seen better days now, but it's been a good friend to Mark.

Here he is with his dog. Yes, Mark didn't want a dog. He kept one at bay for several years until Doug and I came across Deacon in a pet shop and we all talked him into it. Of course, the first night Deacon is at our house I've got his new bed all set up in the kitchen. Mark was the one to bring him to bed so he wouldn't be lonely, and the next day Mark's greeting as he walked in the door was, "Where's my puppy???" And of course his puppy came running and ever since then Mark is Deacon's favorite person. Any time spent with Mark is his all time favorite.

And here he is with Cari. Mark wasn't quite ready for fatherhood, but Cari broke him in just right and they have a special relationship and Mark ADORES her. She is a daddy's girl and that's just fine with me.

Had to throw this in there. Mark and his brother Matt when they were little. Too darn cute!! And if you have to ask which one is Mark, you don't know him very well do you???

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