Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Go ask Alice....

I read Jennifer's and Kathy's blogs about their children, and all the fun and joy they're having raising toddlers. I remember it all, I had a wonderful experience with my children, and I love seeing who they've become.

This blog is about Cari. Steven and Doug can wait their turns.

Cari just blows me away with her talent and her beauty and her wit and her unique way of living. She is true to herself (while she may not always realize that) and she has something about her that draws people to her. She's had that gift since she was a child and it continues to this day. I miss having her in my life day to day, but as that old saying goes, you raise children to have wings (or something like that), and she is out there in the world finding her way.

Above is a set of paintings she did on "Alice in Wonderland". I have admired these paintings since she did them, have begged for them for YEARS, and I finally have gotten my grimy hands on them and I dare anyone to pry them out of my grasp.

How does she come up with these ideas? I LOVE the colors in this.

Alice is so trusting. What a gal.

And the Mock Turtle has his say.

Cari is a brunette, but this Alice in particular always reminds me of Cari when she was small.

I have wanted to be a mom since I was old enough to have my first doll. I admit it: I was so glad my first baby was a girl. And I have to say she has been everything I could have ever asked for, and I am one of the luckiest moms in this world. I love her with all my heart, and these paintings are proudly hung in my room, reminding Mark and I of the joy she's brought into our lives.

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