Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter is on it way, but first: April Fools!

Mark and I bought some flowers, and Mark planted them. Loving it!

The church next door is preparing for Easter.

The tree outside our bedroom window is beautiful.

Mark and Steven painted the living room wall. Looking good!

Busy, busy boy.

I love the 'cheery' show they're listening to as they paint.....

For April Fool's Day I took some treats in. Cupcakes that looked like they had peas and carrots on them (skittles and runts) or a pat of butter and some gravy (yellow starbursts and caramel sauce). And some pretzels, white chocolate, and yellow skittles: bacon and eggs my friends. Looked great on the platter. I wasn't sure how the smaller cupcakes would work out, but they were just right, and I think folks find the smaller cupcakes easier to eat.

Even the 'kids' at the House are ready for Easter.

The Girl Scouts put up some very festive eggs.

Love this painting on the wall of the dining room.

Mary baking fun treats, and a bunny. Life is good!

Stopped by the mall on my way home, and this young lady was getting her picture taken. She was a doll, was happy and cooing and loving the bunny, and I got a real kick out of how her parents were thrilled with it all. Ah, being the parent of a beautiful baby: it is a wonderful thing.

As the bunny waits for someone to come and share their Easter 'tail' (get it?), I must go to work. And I mean this: TGIF!!!!


Mary Jo said...

Steven Painting?? Really??? LOL

jenrust said...

thumbs up to the paint! :) can't wait to see it in person!