Sunday, April 4, 2010

A hot time at Salvador Mollys

Steven, Nick, and Hooper were watching episodes of 'man vs food', and decided to take on one of the challenges. Since Salvador Mollys is close by Steven and Hooper figured that was their best bet (after spending the whole afternoon with us Nick has somewhere else to go, darn it!). I had baking and such left to do for the Easter brunch, so I didn't go along, so I gave my camera to Jennifer.

Hmmm....must be trying to tell us something!

Steven gave a big thumbs up to the food.

So I gather this picture is of Hooper and the first two 'balls of fire'. To meet the challenge you have to eat five of them within 5 minutes.

Man, the food here looks amazing!!

I love this picture of these two. How cute!

Okay, I love this one too, but it's cause it's so typical of Hooper.

Hooper met the challenge with no problems, in fact he ate the five within two minutes! Here he's eating the remaining hot sauce from his plate. Wow.

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