Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Relay Shirt for Rhonda

Okay Rhonda, here is a picture of this year's Relay shirt. Just for you cause I likes ya!

And I love the fact that so many of us wore our Gavin buttons (Pat, in the center, has hers on). Gavin was an amazing young man, and he touched so many lives. I have mine up on my cubicle wall to inspire me, and I wear it to many Relay events (Dean and I had ours on at the parade as well).

At his memorial service his doctor noted that Gavin always wanted to know the truth, no matter how bad it was. And once he knew what cancer was up to he went about dealing with it, without saying 'why me?'. By the way the doctor spoke you could tell Gavin had touched his doctor's life just by the manner in how he lived his life. Each year at Relay I would see the wonderful family and friends Gavin had, and their positive, gung ho attitude, and it made me HATE cancer even more.

At the St. Pat's parade a couple of years ago Gavin wasn't well enough to walk with us, but some of his friends did and they were there for Gavin all the way. They wore their St Pat's Day hats and walked the crowd, passing out candy.

And of course I had to post some pictures from that same parade of some of my favorite kids on the planet. So darn cute (and Caleb is really styling there, eh?) and little. THEY are why I Relay as well. So when they have kids they can tell them, "yes, as a matter of fact, there did used to be something called cancer...."

I have that dream.

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Mary Jo said...

You and your girls make a happy time out of something so horrible. That's a good thing. I found out a few weeks ago that Delane, Rachel's maid of honor, was off work because she found out she has breast cancer. She has had radition treatment (not sure about chemo)and will some go back for her three month check. I wish I would have known so I could a least let her know we were thinking of her. She is back at work 4 days a week and feels great. CANCER SUCKS!