Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New floor

Finally it's time for new floors at the Vander Yacht house hold in Oregon! Yeah! All the supplies are in place, and work has begun.

We cleared everything out (out bedroom is rather packed: Mark noted it's like being in the show 'Horders'). Reminds me of when we were building. Mark and I agreed we really enjoyed that whole process.

Mark and Rick talk about his progress. Rick is a great guy, very hard working, and quoted us a very reasonable price. He was recommended by the guy at the store where we bought the flooring, and they steered us the right way. Class acts all the way.

Doesn't it look great???

Usually Rick's wife works with him, she hurt her back, so he's working on his own. He said he'd be done in three days, and he's just about done without his wife's help. I stayed home today (had a killer headache, and there was a mix up of who was suppose to be waiting for Rick to let him in), and trust me he worked hard all day. Deacon really likes him!

Loving how the floor looks. Loving it!!

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Cari said...

it looks so good!!!!